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Don’t just insulate, ventilate!

An updated insulation and ventilation system is one of the best investments a homebuyer can make! Make the most out of it by choosing a company that is renowned for our customer satisfaction and our long-lasting, sustainable materials. 

Attic Insulation installation, removal & disposal

A home’s efficiency is only as good as its insulation! Using Soprema’s first-rate cellulose product, we mindfully install your insulation to ensure your home is able to properly retain heat in the winter and cool air in the summer months. This fire-retardant insulation also comes with non-toxic chemicals purposely included to ward off any wildlife that may want to settle in your roof. 

Mold treatment & disinfectant

Many conditions can lead to mold in your attic, including things like moisture build up, heat, lack of ventilation, and building materials that are organic and provide the perfect environment for mold spores. Mold in your attic and roof can impact you and your family’s health so it’s best to be treated with a long term solution! FANATTICS will treat and disinfect the nasty mold, while also insuring proper ventilation to combat and prevent the conditions leading to mold buildup. 

Cellulose Blown-in Insulation

Our cellulose blown-in insulation is a cost-effective solution for preventing the build up of mildew, moisture, and even mold in your attic. Cellulose insulation is also an eco-friendly choice as it comprised of recycled materials such as paper, cardboard, news paper and other paper derived products.

Attic ventilation systems

Roof fans & soffit baffle breather vents

Here at FanAttics, we’ve seen the shocking destruction the lack of ventilation can have on attics and roofs. Deteriorating materials, condensation, and mold are all characteristics of an attic that is not properly ventilated. As such, we provide high-quality fans (including solar-powered options) that are expertly installed for the longevity of your roof

Whole House Ventilation Systems

The key to proper ventilation! A lot of times, natural ventilation does not provide adequate air quality to your home. Improper ventilation can lead to many problems including nasty odours, allergy and asthma triggers, mold and mildew growth, and other home and health hazards.  Our whole house ventilation systems efficiently exhaust the stale air from your home, replacing it with fresh, clean air. 

Free Roof Tuneups & Assessment

*With purchase of any roof ventilation upgrades.

Using infrared drone technology. We’ll ensure proper rooftop ventilation and any potential risks for leaky roofs and damaged/missing shingles to protect your new insulation investment. And we’ll fix any differences for FREE!

Our Guarantee

Since we use the most updated high-quality insulation and ventilation products on the market, we are able to back our work with reassuring warranties and lifetime coverage. We firmly believe in the insulation and ventilation products we use and our unmatched workmanship. Therefore, we guarantee client satisfaction and are adamant about completing each job in a timely manner and correctly the first time. 


- Wanda from Oakville, On

We Do ThingsDifferently!

The FanAttics team has become renowned for our hard work, transparency, and unwavering professionalism. 


Attic and rooftop ventilation

Whole house ventilation systems

Roof and attic rodent proofing

Free roof repairs

Free roof assessments


Attic ventilation

Whole house ventilation systems

Roof and attic rodent proofing

Free roof repairs

Free roof assessments